Infrastructure Audit ( IT and Telecommunications Project)

Organizations are sometimes faced with the challenge ensuring contractors have adequately executed their Infrastructure projects in line with set out objectives and targeted deliverables. At Centerbase, our IT/Telecommunications consultants help your organization identify project integrity lapses by providing an independent verification and compliance exercise on IT/Telecoms Infrastructure projects and installations. Our consultants apply knowledge, experience and expertise to audit the whole project chain from proposal, award, design and implementation. We have various software, tools and equipment that check the output of various products; we ensure that critical elements in the project implementation stages have been correctly implemented or installed thereby helping our customers focus on their core operations without unnecessary downtime or having to keep calling on the service providers for service visits.

We benchmark the proposal against the deliverables and provide our independent advise on how the project has been handled, the design, how the deliverables have come out. Our internally generated performance standards when implemented will prevent quality issues, loss of revenue save time and avoid delays in operations associated with the project. We audit Data Center Projects, IT Projects, Microwave Projects, VSAT Projects and Telecommunications Infrastructure Projects.