Inmarsat Voice & Data Solutions

Global Express

Inmarsat Global Express will offer the unique combination of seamless global coverage from a single operator, consistent higher performance up to 50Mbps, and the network reliability for which Inmarsat is renowned.

Services will be delivered over our next generation of satellites, the Inmarsat-5s. The first satellite is scheduled for launch in 2013.

BGAN Products

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global service utilizing portable terminals. BGAN is transmitted on geostationary L-band satellites (instead of utilizing terrestrial-based cell towers) it provides ubiquitous coverage and provides a variety of enterprise-class service. Inmarsat’s BGAN Innovations is a satellite communications service that provides broadband Internet data and telephone communications, simultaneously, through a single, portable device.

Centerbase offers a full range of BGAN products and services providing simultaneous voice and broadband data connectivity across Africa. Featuring Inmarsat’s BGAN services, Centerbase BGAN solutions provide simultaneous voice and broadband data at speeds up to 492kbps, providing simultaneous Internet access and telephone communication, on the move, from anywhere.

BGAN products

BGAN for Mobile Media and Live Streaming

In today’s competitive and demanding news broadcasting environment, the need to respond quickly to breaking news and other news events has become more and more crucial. BGAN is the only mobile satellite service to offer broadband data – up to 492kbps – with simultaneous voice, through a single, authentically portable device on a global basis. It enables high speed data and 3.1 Khz voice. It is additionally the first service to offer ensured data rates on demand – up to 384 kbps – for live video broadcast.


Global Handheld Satellite Phone

Inmarsat’s global handheld satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro, capitalizes on the world’s most advanced satellite communications network to provide exceptional quality and reliability.


FleetBroadband – FB150, FB 250 and FB 500

Fleet broadband delivers voice and data services across the world with range of antenna sizes and bandwidth capabilities. There are different types ranging from FB150, FB250 and FB 500. Centerbase can deploy any fleet broadband service.

Inmarsat C , Fleetand B

Inmarsat Fleet is an integrated solution for voice, fax and data services. There are three different versions (Fleet 33, 55 and 77) and they provides a data throughput of up 64 or 128 kbit/s, 64kbit/s and 9,6 kbit/s.

Inmarsat C is used for Ship Security and alarm system and long range identification and tracking. In addition to GMDSS, It can be sued for Telex, safety net emails, data report

Transportable & Mobile Satellite Products

For Comms-on-the-Move, Comms-on-the-Pause, constant connectivity or infrequent use, Centerbase offers a wide range of transportable and mobile solutions that provide the ability to communicate, Anywhere, Anytime, no matter what.

Billing & Prepaid Solutions

Centerbase offers anytime call whenever and wherever. Prepaid solutions are very cost effective, fast and reliable for crew-calling in the maritime industry and private usage during travel or expeditions. Centerbase provides airtime services for Inmarsat suite of services and products. Programs are available to accommodate a variety of requirements based upon your specific usage scenarios. We have prepaid and post-paid plans, seasonal and project based options, morale and crew calling programs, as well as plans for individual systems or bulk plans for a fleet of satellite phones, or terminals.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Energy utilities in Nigeria and elsewhere are developing ‘smart’ electricity grids that will facilitate more control over energy consumption and costs. key technology areas of the intelligent Grid is integrated two-way communications, which make the smart Grid a dynamic, interactive, real-time infrastructure.”

Intellectual Grids require ‘smart meters’ to avail consumers manage their energy consumption. These device are a key element of AMI and typically sit within wireless mesh grids, gathering utilization data from consumers in a limited geographical area, transmitting it back to the utility’s data center – mostly via a fixed link or cellular network. However, cellular networks are not always ideal for data backhaul for several reasons, including constrained range, restricted bandwidth, a propensity to congestion, and susceptibility to natural and other disasters. There are additionally many geographic areas where cellular coverage does not reach, and maybe never will. BGAN offers a high-quality, low-cost alternative to backhaul utilization data from wireless collector points for AMI deployments. BGAN provides ubiquitous, global coverage, and – as it is a secure network and does not traverse the cyber world or other public networks – is not susceptible to public utilization. Furthermore, its advanced antenna design sanctions for more facile installation to accommodate mounting on pole tops, as well as retaining a connection to the network even when its direction has shifted marginally due to wind or seismic activity. The Inmarsat network is grounded in IP, which the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has already acknowledged will be a paramount Intellectual Grid technology. Its flexible services are secure, reliable and constantly available, meeting other key criteria for utilities.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is vital for utilities that provide essential services such as electricity, water and gas to millions of people, so they need to be able to recover immediately from natural or manmade disasters. When a catastrophic event causes terrestrial networks to fail.

Centerbase can rapidly deploy Inmarsat terminals to provide an alternative communications path, enabling them to maintain communications and run critical applications.

Oil & Gas

Whether you work for a major, an independent, a refinery, services or Pipeline Company or any other classification of extraction exploration, production or transmission organization, having reliable voice and data connectivity with your operational assets is critical.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Centerbase offer solution to Crews on the ground to enable them use BGAN device to transmit seismic surveys, drilling data, geophysical and mud logs to company HQ from anyplace on the globe.

Drilling and Production Services

Centerbase offers solutions using BGAN that can help transmit Voice, Fax and e-mail capabilities to Corporate HQ. Reporting in real-time on critical issues like geology, temperature and pressure can be more closely monitored and managed.

Oil Field Service

Field crews can use voice and data communications to improve reporting capabilities with customers on the most current rig and well data.


Centerbase provide satellite communications solutions for military and defence operations around the world using extremely wide array of communications technologies, from Satellite to long range wireless, HF/VHF Radio, fully meshed encrypted networks, man portable satellite communications, vehicular auto pointing systems, and more.

Service Activation and Airtime Sales

Centerbase provides service activation and sales of airtime for Inmarsat suite of services.