IoT – LPG/PMS/Diesel Monitoring System

Centerbase LPG/PMS/Diesel Monitoring system monitors your LPG/PMS/Diesel consumption from anywhere and keep tab on day-to-day operations with ease. It helps you keep a check on top ups and get a monthly report of how it is been utilised. You can easily verify if the customer has produced right bills and thus save on your profit. Our product offering consist of a Communication unit that has an integrated level pressure probe dipped into the tank. The communication unit is a wireless device with battery lifespan of 4 to 5 years and has a sim slot, operates as GSM which receive data on cloud application/server.


Our Lpg/Pms/Diesel Monitoring Solution benefits are:

⦁ Effectively track LPG/PMS/Diesel usage and top ups
⦁ Generate automatically delivery orders
⦁ Alarming at refilling and critical levels
⦁ Prevents unauthorized fillings
⦁ Drive down cost with effective data to analyse an interprete to make decisions.
⦁ Stop fuel theft.
⦁ Increase billing accuracies with easy-to-use system
⦁ Remote monitoring and reporting
⦁ Analytics and increased operational efficiency
⦁ On the go monitoring using smart phones
⦁ Real data to analyse for effective decision-making.
⦁ Offer a secured web based reporting and controls which you can utilize to manage your network from anywhere.