Nigerian Content

Local Content

At Centerbase, we are committed to developing local capacity in the delivery of our services. This commitment ensures that we employ and utilise competent Nigerian nationals in the execution of our services

We embrace three core approaches to local content development:

Human Capacity Development

In compliance with Nigerian Content Directive, we are committed to developing local manpower through standard recruitment and selection process, comprehensive induction program and regular training in Nigeria and Overseas.

Use of Indigenous resources

Centerbase engages the services of local contractors, personnel and consultants for the provision of our services without compromising on professionalism, integrity and quality.

Transfer of Skill

At Centerbase we are continuously building a competent Workforce that discharge operational duties efficiently and effectively with little or no supervision. In achieving this, we have developed a Cross Posting Scheme, where our indigenous workforce acquires relevant skillset through training and understudying at our foreign partners location overseas.